Environmental Protection

Corrosion Protection

Fighting rust is a must. Despite advances in auto manufacturing, you need corrosion protection that goes beyond the manufacturer’s limited rust warranty. Tricare offers the most advanced corrosion protection available through the TC-3000 electromagnetic rust inhibitor.

How does electromagnetic corrosion protection work?
When installed by your dealer, our modules send a patented pulse-wave signal across your entire vehicle, protecting all sheet metal surfaces of your vehicle inside and outside. Tricare electromagnetic corrosion control modules provide unmatched performance, and are proven to reduce the rate of corrosion on automotive sheet metal by up to 99.7%

Our patented protection also features:

  • Total perforation protection, even when caused by stone chips and scratches.
  • Patented pulse-wave signal is harmless to you and your vehicle.
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to chemical sprays.
  • One-time installation. No inspections or reapplications required.
  • Transfers easily to your next vehicle.
  • The best corrosion warranty in the industry.

Our Science Explained

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Warranty Guarantee

We’re so confident of the effectiveness of our modules that we back them with the best warranty in the industry on vehicles up to 7 model years old and newer. Ask your dealer for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements, and pre-owned vehicle coverage.

Cosmetic Rust Warranty

The Cosmetic Rust Warranty is automatically applied with the purchase and application of both the Tricare Electromagnetic Corrosion Protection Module (TC-3000 or BHP-5000) and Xzion Paint Protection.

What our warranty includes the Tricare vehicles 3 model years old or newer for a period of up to 10 years against surface rust or paint bubbling on the outside painted portion of the body panels as listed:

  • Door Panels
  • Rear Quarter Panels
  • Front Fenders
  • Roof & Trunk lid
  • Engine Hood

*Tricare defines cosmetic rust as surface rust damage where the surface is at least 2 centimeters in diameter or larger.

*Tricare defines paint bubbling as a paint bubble on the outside painted areas of the body panels as listed above, where no bare metal or surface rust is showing and the paint is not broken, worn off, chipped, split, or missing.

Interior Protection

Tricare’s Interior Protection products are specially formulated to protect your interior against stains from food or beverages. They provide a powerful and invisible barrier that remains effective even after numerous spills:

  • Protects interior against food and beverage stains;
  • Fabric, carpet, dashboards, and leather included;
  • One-time application remains effective even after numerous spills;
  • Does not change the natural feel or look of your interior.

Warranty Guarantee

Warranted for up to 10 years depending on the age of the vehicle. Vehicles three model years old and newer have a bonus coverage for accidental rips, tears, cigarette burns, and faded or cracked leather.

Ask your dealer for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements, and pre-owned vehicle coverage.

Xzilon Exterior Paint Protection

Keep your vehicle looking showroom new with Xzilon®, the most advanced exterior paint protection available. Originally designed for the aviation industry, Xzillon® molecular adhesion technology is certified for all Boeing and Gulfstream aircraft.

What is Molecular Adhesion technology?

Xzilon® surface protection is different than other protection products because it is not a wax. It has been specially formulated to bond directly with your vehicle clear coat finish to provide not only a lasting protective barrier but also a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that resists adhesion.

10 years for new cars, and up to 10 years for used cars depending on the model year. This product was initially tested and approved for the aviation industry and is now available for commercial vehicles.

Protection against the effects of:

  • UV Rays
  • Bird droppings
  • See warranty for additional coverages.
  • Road tar
  • Acid rain
  • Protection against the vehicle exterior from:
  • Discoloration
  • Paint bubbling
  • Excessive oxidation
  • Loss of gloss or fading

Xzilon has been given the following Aircraft Industry Certified Approvals:

  • AMS 1650B
  • Boeing D6-17487 Rev. N
  • Douglas CSD#1 Type V materials
  • And Airframe Manufacturer’s Approvals:
  • Boeing 737-SL-71-053A (all 737 NG Airplanes)
  • Boeing BMS 10-72 Paint Adhesion Testing April 2005
  • Boeing/Goodrich Aerostructures Group NTO Eng. Type CFM56-7 Lipskins
  • Bombardier BD700
  • Bombardier-SHORTS 71-11-01
  • Bombardier BAPS 138-059
  • Embraer AMM Part II-2770 – Chapter 10-10-01-02
  • Embraer AMM Part II-2770 – Chapter 10-10-03-02
  • Gulfstream GAMPS 4001 Rev C 2007
  • Rolls-Royce TV 11807R
  • Rolls-Royce WW/20219/1/28 Oct. 08

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